Which statements are true about the linear inequality y>3/4x-2? Select three options.1)the slope of the line -22)The graph of y>3/4x-2 is a dashed line3)The area below the line is shaded4)One solution to the inequality is (0,0)5)The graph intercepts the y-axis at (0,-2)

Accepted Solution

For this case we have the following inequality:[tex]y> \frac {3} {4} x-2[/tex]It is observed that inequality does not include equality, so we will have a dotted line at the border of the graph.The slope of the line is given by [tex]m = \frac {3} {4}[/tex]It is noted that the shaded area is above the line.We also observe in the graph that point (0,0) belongs to it.Finally, it is observed that the intersection with the y-axis is -2. That is: (0, -2)Answer:The correct options are: B, D, ESee attached image