What percentage increase occurs in the price of a round-trip economy plane ticket from New York to London by electing to go during the peak season as opposed to going on the regular economy class (to the nearest tenth)? Travel Type Sample Round-Trip Fares from New York to London First-Class Air Fare- $754.30 First-Class Ship Fare $775.20 Regular Economy Air Fare $440.80 Tourist Class Ship Fare $408.00 Peak Season Economy Air Fare $526.30 Peak Season Tourist Class Ship Fare $470.25 14- to 21-Day Excursion Air Fare $331.00 30-Day Excursion Ship Fare $345.95 Charter Group (25 Persons or More) Air Fare. $331.00 Charter Group (25 Persons or More) Ship Fare $306.00

Accepted Solution

To find the percent increase, you will first find the difference in price for the peak season economy and the regular economy price.


Then divide the difference by the beginning price(economy).

85.50/440.8= 0.19

The percent increase is approximately 19%.