Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:The first question is asking you how many visitors there were, using the function model provided, when x = 0.  Filling that in gives you:[tex]y=18,582(.90)^0[/tex]Anything to the 0 power = 1, soy = 18,582(1) and y = 18,582The second question is asking you how many visitors there were on the 9th weekend, when x = 9:[tex]y=18,582(.90)^9[/tex] and[tex]y=18,582(.387420489)[/tex] soy = 7199The last question is asking on what weekend (unknown x) are there y = 15.051 visitors.  That requires using a log to solve for x.  Set it up first:[tex]15,051=18,582(.90)^x[/tex]Start by dividing both sides by 18,582 to get:[tex].8099773975=(.90)^x[/tex]Now we need to take the log of both sides to get that x out from its exponential position.  By taking the log of the right side, we are given the ability to bring the x down in front:log(.8099773975) = x log(.90)Now divide both sides by log(.90) to getx = 2.000That means that on the second weekend, there were approximately 15,051 visitors.