Mr. Williams is planning a seventh grade field trip to a math museum school policy requires a minimum of two adults as chaperones for every nine students on the trip and allows the food budget to six dollar per person educational group pricing at the museum is $4.50 per student and $7.25 per adult there’s also a bus parking fee that is 4% of the total ticket price they’re 171 students in seventh grade how much money does Mr. Williams need to budget for the museum tickets and parking

Accepted Solution

To figure out how much to budget, Mr. Williams will need to determine how many people (students and adults) are going on the trip.

If there are 171 7th graders, there will need to be 38 adults (2 adults per 9 students is 38 adults for 171 students.

This is a total of 209 people(171 students and 38 adults).

$6 per person x 209 people = $1254 for food

$4.50 x 171 + $7.25 x 38 = $1045 Cost for tickets to the museum

0.04(4%) x 1045 = $41.80 for parking

For the museum tickets and parking Mr. Williams will need to budget $1045 + $41.80 = $1086.80 for parking and tickets.

If you are including the food cost you would need to add $1254 to this.