4. If a decorative sign in the form of a circle has a diameter of 10 feet, what it the area of the sign, to the nearest square foot? A. 79 ft2 B. 31 ft2 C. 157 ft2 D. 16 ft2

Accepted Solution

For this case we have that by definition, the area of a circle is given by:[tex]A = \pi * r ^ 2[/tex]Where:A: It is the radius of the circleWe have as data that the diameter is 10 feet, then the radius is half, that is, 5 feet.Substituting:[tex]A = \pi * (5) ^ 2\\A = 25 \pi\\A = 78.5[/tex]Rounding out we have that the circle area is[tex]79 \ ft ^ 2[/tex]Answer:Option A